Lipofidica Diet

Lipofidica Diet is a revolutionary way to lose weight without exercising required and eating as much as you want of certain food is in the Diet , and you will learn why.  Lipofidica Diet is going to take you to the base of the natural as our body suppose to be eating and with the purpose of reset and reprogram our brain and  intestine to make them work together absorbing the nutrients just  needed and not all them you eat. More than 4 decades ago Lipofidica Diet  was specially created for morbidly fat people and the point i want to make saying this is “more overweight a person has … more is going to lose”… in 12 weeks or less, so you will learn a very logic way of lose weight and change your life for good.

Lipofidica Diet is not new, has been in few high standard peoples lives since 1970, probably was a kind of secret or maybe people did not believe it, or just not willing to share it, but today  with Internet, social media and technology people like me are willing to learn share and be open to help people around.

The first stage of  Lipofidica Diet is going to reprogram your bad habits without exercising required and will tell you the amount of food to eat and which kind of food you have to be aware of, will tell you how often you have to eat and why, which meat you can and can not eat and will tell you the same with fruits and vegetables because no all of them are appropriate for this diet, you will learn what to do with sugar also. If you can eat chicken, beef and yogurt you can make Lipofidica Diet, but is not recommended if you have diabetes, hypertension or heart problems.  The second stage (after 12 weeks) you will add food back to your Diet  little by little as specified to let your brain reprogram properly and to avoid rebound effect and if you want your body to feel stronger you should start exercising.

I borrowed the game console my son to record the process, it has a wireless scale is in the bottom of first picture, you can use a normal one.

In this pic: …Starting with  16 st 7 lb (105 kg), once a week all January (green dots) Wii console was measuring in Pounds.
In this Pic: almost 3 months in screen, each dot is a week.
In this Pic: 18 kg Less (40 pounds less) diet is finished. Wii console was measuring in Pounds.

Let me tell  you my experience… with my wife we start our New Year with a exiting goal (for her!!! to have her awesome husband back!)…  YES! …LOSE WEIGHT! the 1st January 2016 and since that day I saw changes in my life, well in both of us and let me say that all my clothes are too big now, I am not sad to say that I had to change almost all my wardrobe, my jeans, t-shirts an shirts, all now are too big for me even a new suit bought 1 month before I start this diet and I had to buy few trousers also and all because the Lipofidica Diet,  and the funny part is i start wearing again my leader jacket and more clothing I was keeping in my attic for a couple of years.  My sisters tells me I look almost like when I got married years ago, friends laugh asking if I am the younger brother or they asked me where  is all gone (the fat) and Is amazing see people faces so impressed! and I feel so much better when I look in the mirror and when I see the pictures I have from Xmas or new year just before start the Lipofidica Diet… I do not believe I had all that overweight and I look different…so much better…trust me… my wife now smiles now when I get home! …mmm… and I bought another suit last week …yes I told you the other one was too big!

I am happy that I have found Lipofidica Diet and became a living prove of something we got online. I WON THE BATTLE and I can see fantastic results by my self, not typical for sure,  results of course are not the same for everyone , but trust me you will see results, i can tell you i have lost 18 Kg / 40 lb and some people have lost more, because it was made by specialists in morbidly obese then everyone can have results as I did. When you follow  the steps given in the Lipofidica Diet you will have results you are looking for and with out exercising required.

This is a life changing opportunity, it really makes the difference and I really hope this post will help you to change your life like I am changing mine, I want to help you and my hope is you can help more people around you.

All the Best

For you Success and Better Life!

Danko Zucca


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